Cognitive behavioral and solution oriented approaches ignore the ongoing influence of past events on current problems.

At Dr. Quintal & Associates, we use the highly effective Rapid Resolution Therapy™ (RRT). Rapid Resolution Therapy shortcuts traditional therapy by working with all facets of the mind, both the intellectual and the emotional. It’s quick and lasting. RRT is task versus time oriented. What this means is that while traditional therapy consists of many hourly appointments, for months and sometimes years, with RRT your appointment lasts until your symptoms and root cause of the problems are eliminated. The task is complete and your mind is cleared. Patients report an immediate difference—a feeling of peace, strength and energy.

This desired change is automatic and lasting. Many people prefer this over spending months or years in weekly traditional therapy sessions. In most cases RRT treatments can be completed in as little as two or three sessions.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is not necessarily tragic. It can be any past event, whether simple or difficult, that was upsetting, confusing, weird, painful or distressful. Although that event is done and over, the effects of it continue to have an underlying affect on a person.

Rapid Resolution Therapy™ is painless and complete. Patients are not required to relive the past or feel the pain from traumatic events. The ongoing influences that painful past events have on emotions, thoughts and behaviors are eliminated; whether the traumatic experiences are remembered or repressed. Unconscious conflicts blocking desired change are resolved. Self-destructive behavior disappears.

The mind is clear. There is emotional freedom.

Dr. Quintal & Associates are highly trained in this state of the art therapy and have an excellent success rate. If you are tired of traditional therapies that have not worked or were too painful; this is the answer you have been seeking.

A Specialized Treatment is Available for Military Combat Survivors

Through his extensive training, Dr. Quintal has refined and tailored a trauma resolution treatment designed specifically for Military and Veterans who are combat survivors.

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