Step-families, also known as blended families, are more of a norm now than ever, with 65% of remarriages including children from previous relationships. When families “blend” it is common for things to not run smoothly. Often children may resist the many changes they face, while parents may become frustrated or disappointed when the new family doesn’t function like their previous family.

While changes to family structure require some adjustment time for everyone involved, with the right guidance and realistic expectations, most blended families are able to work out their growing pains and live together successfully. Open communication, positive attitudes, mutual respect, and plenty of love and patience all have an important place in creating a healthy blended family.

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Family Problems

There are many different kinds of families. Some have two parents, while others have a single parent. Sometimes there is no parent and grandparents raise grandchildren. Some children live in foster families, adoptive families, or in step-families.

There is no such thing as the perfect family. Every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses, assets and liabilities, challenges and problems. Family problems come in all shapes and sizes; some are short-lived and easily managed, while others are more chronic and difficult to handle. Stress points include events such as illness and injury, changing jobs, changing schools, moving and financial difficulties. Each family develops its own ways of coping with these stresses, some of which work better than others.

These problems can drag on with no apparent end in sight and no hope that they will ever be fixed. Whether it is saving your marriage or finding good parenting advice, the effort is worth it.

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Adoption is a legal process filled with emotions for you, the members of your family and for your adopted child. Families with adopted children face different challenges than those with just biological children. Even adopted children who feel positive about their adoption experience, can face a variety of emotions as they become teenagers.

At the same time adoptive parenting can be more complex than parenting biological children can. Adoptive parents face unique challenges raising adopted children. While it is important for traditional parents to keep the lines of communication open with their children, it is even more crucial for adoptive parents, especially as adopted children become teenagers.

Adopted teens will have additional issues to face as they mature into adults. Typical rites of passage may have additional facets for adopted adolescents. They may question their identity and value, suffer from low self-esteem, and experience grief and loss. While some adopted teens are able to work through their feelings on their own or with their friends and family, others need professional help to deal with the range of emotions that arise.

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