Some of the most difficult challenges for a parent are their child’s behavioral problems. Unlike an injury or disease, the solution is not always evident. Added is the fact that as a child grows, his or her personality is developing and constantly changing. Almost overnight, the playful three-year old can suddenly become a disruptive four year old.

It is important for parents to understand the changes that a child goes through during each phase of development. This means that “rules” need to change as the child grows and becomes more independent. The rules you use at eight will probably not be effective with a 13 year old.

Parents can decide what behaviors are going to be acceptable and what behavior will not be tolerated based on the age and development of the child. These guidelines of behavior are important for the child to feel secure in a structured environment. “An absence of rules” often leads to chaos in the family and can leave long-lasting problems in the child. On the other hand, too many rules or too much structure may not allow a child to grow and can lead to behavioral problems.

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