Jason Quintal

Dr. Quintal is committed to your health & well being. His broad training and unique personal skills enable him to provide lasting results.

Halle Kranz

Halle is devoted to the growth and healing of her clients to help them reach their fullest potential and achieve overall improved mental health.

Richard believes that each of his clients is capable of changing, growing and rising above the emotional challenges they face.

Donna’s calm presence & collaborative approach with her clients empowers them to effortlessly triumph over emotional & behavioral challenges.

James has a deep commitment to helping individuals, couples and families with any challenges they may face.

Michaele strives to help each client see the possibilities, not the limitations. “I feel my job is to understand my clients’ stories.”

Shannon provides a compassionate and empathetic approach. She creates a safe environment for her clients to explore difficult problems, allowing transformation to happen.

John is devoted to the growth and development of his clients by utilizing methods that advance their interest, welfare, and overall balanced mental health.

Heidi believes that a calmer mind can bring about a more peaceful life. Heidi helps move you from hurtful negative self talk, towards more positive thoughts allowing for movement towards your wanted goals.

Approaching every client with an open heart and mind; Bonnie provides a warm, safe, and supportive environment in which her clients can explore the issues and challenges they face.