Seven years ago, I plopped down on John’s yellow sofa. I was angry, hypervigilant and jumping out of my skin with anxiety. John was recommended to me by a friend for help with a litany of lifelong emotional challenges, including a mood disorder. Having experienced years of wimpy therapy, I walked into John’s space a sceptic. My first impression of John was of someone scrupulously non-judgmental, genuine and kind.

As a result, I found that I could be completely honest with John, which was a first. John’s methodology is evidence-based. It’s comforting knowing that each of John’s suggestions for plans of action are based on evidence from myriad studies demonstrating effectiveness of the approach. John complements pragmatism with broad flexibility. For me, that means my treatment is based on the objectivity of science, as well as the latitude to tailor treatment to my unique needs. John provides me with powerful, pragmatic tools to execute the plans we devise. There is nothing more empowering than knowing that if a challenge arises, all I need do is locate the appropriate tool, deploy it and resolve the issue. The most exhilarating aspect of therapy with John is his ability to guide me to jaw-dropping insights; the “aha” moments. John takes full advantage of these celebratory moments to build clarity and growth. In conclusion, my life is no longer a living hell. I can’t express how humbly grateful I am to John for guiding me to a life of joy, self-actualization and peace.

Kathy C.

Dr. Quintal treats anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, sexual issues, marriage counseling, relationship issues, anger, grief, addiction, childhood abuse, PTSD with Advanced Healing Methods and traditional counseling.

Recovered From Childhood Abuse
Recovery From Childhood Abuse

Again I just wanted to thank you so very much, I really appreciate what you did for me.  It is now monday 12/17/07 10:14PM and I still have not dipped.  It is amazing, I mean from time to time, I have a slight urge to or desire to want a dip, but I put it out of my mind, and just continue doing what I was doing and next thing I know, it is like an hour or 2 hours later.

I am not experiencing any over whelming urges, or cravings.  From time to time, I feel like I’m stoned, and foggy headed I think that might be some withdrawal symptoms, but it isnt that bad…  
Overall this is incredible, I am amazed at how easy this has been for me…
Thanks again so much…. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this…


Dr. Quintal, a counselor & therapist in Sarasota, FL successfully treats guilt, shame, depression, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, eating disorders, marriage counseling, relationship issues, anger, grief, addiction, childhood abuse, PTSD with Rapid Resolution Therapy and traditional counseling in the Sarasota – Bradenton – Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Patient who has recovered from depression
Treatment for Guilt, Shame & Depression

I am not quite sure how to put this into words because thank you doesn’t start to say how grateful we are for everything you did for Hailey. She is so much happier. She sleeps through the night and wakes up rested, happy and safe. Her attitude is so much lighter and more upbeat. It is amazing. If you ever need a reference for a potential new client I would be honored to give you one. Thank you again so much for everything.

Corina & Craig

Thank you so much for taking the time to see me and for helping. Like I said I was very nervous the night before to face my “demons” but now only a few days later I now see myself asking how I was afraid. You truly did help me. My bed isn’t torn up every morning. I’m not so jumpy and most of all able to do daily things without any obstacles that were once in my way. I can never thank you enough.

It really worked and I feel entirely like a brand new person. I still can’t get over how much better I feel.

Thank you so much for helping me and taking the time out of your busy schedule.

Once more, thank you so much!!!


I am so very grateful for what you do. I feel amazing – I am amazing!
There’s been such an incredible change in me that I don’t think that even you can fully comprehend it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


What else can I say but thank you? Since our full day session my life has been completely rearranged and my thought patterns transformed. Until our session a few weeks ago, the past five years of my life were dictated by my feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, guilt, shame and resentment. These feelings ultimately stemmed from my past involving family issues and sexual violence. Only after these issues were “cleared”, did I fully begin to realize the extent to which these events were continuing to impact me on a daily basis.

Since our meeting, I no longer struggle with these negative feelings or painful memories. I feel much happier and lighter. One of my greatest fears was that the best part of me had been sacrificed, compromised and was lost to the past. I now know that this is not the truth and that the best possible version of me is the one that I am continuing to become every day. The week after our first meeting, I lost eight pounds. I feel more energized and motivated to truly begin to care for myself. I now feel motivated to begin taking charge of my own life and am excited about what my future holds; I have even decided to go back to school this fall for counseling, as I was so inspired by our encounter. Three people have asked me if I am pregnant (which I am not!) because they say that I have a “glow” about me!

I have never been in therapy before and was extremely doubtful of the miraculous claims made about the success of RRT. I even tried convincing myself to cancel my appointment, telling myself that I was doing better. However, in the end I decided to give RRT a chance and I am so thankful that I did. Now I KNOW that I am doing better! I hope that this message will allow other skeptics in need the courage to follow through as it will undoubtedly lead to a life-altering experience.

Thank you for everything, Dr. Quintal, and I wish you all the best!


Just wanted to touch base about how I was doing. Well it has taken time to get use to NOT having anxiety. I figured I have probably had that horrible anxiety like that for about 39 yrs and it just got worse as time went on. After my treatment it felt weird because I had to get use to the voice in my head not being there felt like something was missing. Now I feel better not missing it so much anymore don’t really think about it that much or not at all. So it has been 5 weeks since I started my new job it was an adjustment a bit scary and overwhelming a new place and new people.

What is nice at my new job for me is I am not focusing on my new co-workers and scrutinizing them thinking they are up to something. I do like my new job and it is a very professional and respectful work atmosphere no ridiculous nonsense goes on there. When my co-workers act different sometimes I say thats about them not me and walk away and not think about it again and that works. So without all that anxiety I am able to focus on my job and start to enjoy my life a lot more without all that worry.So that’s about it and thanks it sure has changed my life for the better!

Maureen M.

I would like to say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart for improving my life. I must admit that I was apprehensive about you being able to help me with my situation but miraculously you did. After spending just 3 short hours with you, my life is so much better.

Upon leaving your office that day, I immediately noticed a change. I even sang out loud with my stereo on the way home (something I rarely do). I could feel all of my fears and anger just disappear. It’s a Godsend that there is someone like you to help people. Unfortunately, you “fixed me” so well that I probably won’t see you again but I will forever recommend you. You are a wonderful Doctor and a wonderful person!