Needless to say, many relationships do not end on ideal terms. Couples must often contend with significant unresolved feelings in the wake of a breakup. Frequently, breakups are initiated by one member of the couple and come as a painful surprise to the other member. This causes significant pain, guilt, and unresolved grief.  It can also impair the ability to enter into a healthy, fulfilling relationship in the future.

People can (and often do) get stuck at any stage of healing, usually because they try to avoid their pain by shutting down emotionally or by starting another relationship too quickly. Others get stuck in a state of constant longing, and are unable to release their attachment to the lost relationship.

Counseling can be helpful for support, for moving beyond stuck points, for expressing the feelings that will help you heal, for identifying your patterns in relationships, and for clarifying your values.  Heart break affects both men and women regardless of the length of the relationship.

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