Shame and guilt are sometimes used to describe the same thing, but there is a difference.

Guilt results from a violation, transgression, or wrongdoing. This can result in feelings of remorse, and leave a person feeling awful.   Toxic guilt can drive a person to do something drastic, like seek consolation from drugs or alcohol, in an attempt to drown out the pain of remorse. Survivor guilt is a normal feeling for many who have survived a traumatic event. A person who survives a tragedy may question why he or she was allowed to endure, while others suffered, especially when the event seemed to have nothing to do than mere luck or coincidence.

Overcoming guilt is the psychology of forgiveness.

Shame results from a feeling of falling short, embarrassment, humiliation.  Shame is a self-loathing feeling of inadequacy; a sense that “I am no good.” Shame is a self-perception of value, based on failures that come from being human.

Overcoming shame includes gaining perspective on one’s actions, and re-evaluating one’s decision-making process.

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