Missing from most diet programs is a mind-body connection.

Weight LossThe “diet gurus” give you information on what to eat, what exercises to do and what foods to avoid.  They expect that just by having this information you will lose weight.  Most diet programs reach out only to the conscious mind, which inevitably struggles to “stick with” any program.  Relying on self-control to make meaningful change tends to be short lived with results that never seem to last.  Many have already experienced this when losing weight only to regain it all back and more.

Reach your weight loss goals!First, you need to recognize losing weight needs to be accompanied by a permanent life style change.  Losing weight will actually be more about the process than the actual goal.

In order to make permanent changes in your eating habits and the way in which you live your life, involves having to access the subconscious part of your brain.  How do you do that?  We teach you how to conceptualize your goals, identify your desires and visualize them (both on an emotional and sensory level).  By working to deactivate certain emotional stressors, it becomes easier for you to make lasting changes.


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