Dr. Quintal is excellent in his field of counseling and therapy. He was exceptional in dealing with suppressed, painful traumas as was witnessed during his attendance at our 2nd Annual Female Veteran Retreat held at Day Springs in September 2015. He totally engaged our entire group, utilizing his technique. Dr. Quintal was able to work with over 15 women warriors, in both a group environment and then on a one to one basis and was very SUCCESSFUL in coaxing the women into a relaxed state of mind allowing them to move forward through the timelines of their traumas.

Being a disabled veteran myself and having had to deal with the VA over many years for various treatments of my TBI; I was amazed by the results that Dr. Quintal obtained in such a short period of time without needing to prescribe medications. The women were able to trust the Doctor and the end results were astounding to all of us.

After we collected and reviewed the retreat surveys, each of the women noted that they would like to continue working with Dr. Quintal and valued his methods of treatments. In fact; several veterans expressed an interest in driving from the Tampa area for future appointments just because they felt that he really made a big difference in such a short period of time.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Quintal and his staff to assist anyone who would like to move from their present state of inner turmoil and dealing with their past traumas, to that of a relaxed and accepting state of mind. It was very rewarding to see our Women Warriors progress from dealing with the pain of feeling distressed to that of all overall total well being.

Thank you Dr. Quintal and we all wish you well in your practice.

Georgia A.

Patient testimonial from a man that recovered from PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, and anger issues after treatment with Rapid Resolution Therapy. Dr. Quintal & Associates are professional counselors based in Sarasota, FL that successfully treat depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and other mental health conditions with both traditional therapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy.

Patient Who Recovered from PTSD
Recovery from PTSD with Rapid Resolution Therapy

I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about you and this therapy. After going through several years of therapy, I was pretty resigned to coping with my PTSD symptoms for the rest of my life. I had convinced myself that dealing with a month of symptoms before the anniversary, plus the periodic flashbacks and nightmares that would pop up throughout the year after various triggers, was progress compared to how it used to be, and that was really as good as I could expect my life to get.

And then I heard about you and you talked me into spending a half-day session with you (which scared the bejeesus out of me, but I went anyway)…and my life changed after that 1 session. No more nightmares. No more flashbacks. No more panic attacks. The first anniversary in 14 years where I had no symptoms…in fact, the entire day, I actually *forgot* it was the anniversary! I only remembered it that night. And I was fine. I am better than fine…I am happy. And for the first time in 14 years, I finally feel free of him. I can be myself and be happy and not be scared of shadows anymore.

Thank you so much for helping me find this place.


I visited your site tonight, CONGRATS on getting the video testimonials up! It’s really amazing how many of them are so similar to me in that they have gone so many YEARS suffering when just 1 visit with you was life changing!

I want to send this written testimonial to you, pick out what you would like to have read on your site if it gets lengthy…

I never thought that I had a “problem” because I was always able to find someone else that seemed to have a bigger problem. I felt like my issues were small in comparison but can now see they were large enough to drastically effect not only my life but that of my family. I would sleep to cope with my feelings of guilt and unworthiness, so much to the point my family would joke that if napping were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.

After about 16 years of denial, just 2 visits with Dr Quintal gave me a new lease on life, one without the internal weight I had been lugging around with me for so long. After my second session, I remember leaving his office and calling my husband to say, if I would have known all those years ago, that me being able to feel this good would have been that easy, I never would have waited.

Dr Quintal is truely a gifted individual and I could never thank him enough.


Like we said on the phone…it’s hard to put this into words. I could write a very long email about all the ways it has changed me, but I think the best way to describe it is with a short explanation and a comment a very close friend made to me recently.

He said, “Anne-Marie, you have the least amount of baggage than anyone I have ever met.” And the best way I could describe the change is:
Absolute freedom. Living life the way it should be lived, really LIVING. I am present with the people that I’m with, I’m in the moment. People have told me lately that I’m glowing. I laugh whole-heartedly now and when I smile my eyes light up and I mean every smile. I have more love inside me than I’ve ever had and I’m able to share my whole self with people. I look at tough times as lessons now and things don’t seem to bother me the way they bother other people. I am enjoying life all the time and everyone is noticing it.

It’s a whole new world now.

Thank you, Dr. Quintal for giving me this gift.


MJ talks about her recovery from PTSD after treatment by Dr. Quintal. Dr. Quintal & Associates treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, alcoholism, night terrors, phobias, panic disorder and other mental health issues.

Patient treated for PTSD
Patient Testimonial After Treatment for PTSD